Maggie St.Thomas

A Sublime Guy Remembered

Bradley Nowell in photographs, never before seen from 1995

Onstage with Sublime, KROQ Weenie Roast 1995 Irvine Meadows, CA Photo by Maggie St.Thomas

Since I began my work as a photojournalist in ’94, I’ve come into contact with many people in the public eye. Bradley Nowell was definitely one of the people who made my work a pleasure, and it was with great sadness when I heard about his untimely passing.

I had the great experience of meeting Bradley Nowell at the KROQ Weenie Roast in 1995. He was a perfect gentleman, and I definitely got the impression that he was a regular, down-to-earth guy who hadn’t let success go to his head. Not long after our first encounter, I ran into him again at a punk show. He wrote down his number on a pad of paper for me, we had talked about doing an interview.

I can only hope that in an industry of attitudes and egos, more of its players will take a cue from Brad, and treat their fans and colleagues with respect and charm. It’s been 25 years since I photographed Sublime, to honor the memory of Bradley Nowell, and his legacy I wanted to share some of these never before seen photographs from my private collection for real Sublime fans and those who knew and loved Bradley. Keep his memory and his music alive!

 (Bradley James Nowell February 22, 1968- May 25, 1996)

Backstage at KROQ Weenie Roast 1995 with Bradley Nowell during MTV interview Photo by Maggie St.Thomas


Bradley Nowell Remembered – Jerk Of All Trades issue #1- 2011-  pg 15



Photo Maggie St.Thomas BAM Media 1996


Bradley Nowell memorial site Westminster, CA February 22, 2020



Photographs by Maggie St.Thomas