About Jerk of All Trades

Amplifying women and raising everyone up while channeling the power of collaboration is how we change the equation! Jerk Of All Trades offers forward-thinking content unifying readers around the globe.

In the beginning…

In the Spring of 2011, two issues of Jerk Of All Trades made it out from the cranium to the streets as a print-only publication specializing in Music and the Arts. 10,000 copies of each issue were distributed all around key high-traffic outlets in Southern California and free to readers.

Rising from the ashes…

Focusing on Music, Entertainment, Photography, Art, Cannabis, and more, Jerk Of All Trades stays true to the initial concept now offering a RIP section honoring our dearly beloved as well as being available to readers worldwide at the click of a button.

Nipsey Hussle with his copy, the 2nd print issue of Jerk Of All Trades . 2012



Jerk Of All Trades would like to thank our readers and everyone who has helped make this platform a reality. Life throws us curves and teaches us it’s important to never get too comfortable. Stay positive and always count your blessings, and keep moving forward, which at times is so very hard to do, but you gotta keep doing it.




Maggie St.Thomas is a Michigan-born photographer in Long Beach, California. Since 1994, her photographic and journalistic works have graced the pages and covers of over 300 print publications including Rolling Stone Magazine and High Times, dozens of album covers, and more. With a portfolio that includes one-on-one portraiture sittings with such legendary artists as Etta James, Lemmy Kilmister, and Snoop Dogg to name a few. Since the beginning of 2021, and after years of study with Cal State University of Fullerton's Forensic Certifications and being licensed with CANA (Cremation Association of North America), Maggie has been fortunate enough to establish her career in Death Care as a full-time Crematory Operator and publishing her first book in 2021.