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Amplifying women and raising everyone up while channeling the power of collaboration is how we change the equation! Jerk Of All Trades offers forward-thinking content unifying readers around the globe.

Jerk Of All Trades Magazine

Two issues of Jerk Of All Trades made it out from the cranium to the streets as a print-only publication in 2011. 10,000 copies of each issue were distributed all around Southern California and free to readers.

Inside the pages of Issues #1 & #2, Jerk Of All Trades featured sections that were dedicated to various music artists supporting the magazine include B-Real of Cypress Hill, Travis Barker, Tommy Chong, Spencer Moody (Murder City Devils) and Jim Heath (Reverend Horton Heat).

Jerk Of All Trades also featured a section in the pages honoring legends like Joey Ramone, Bradley Nowell (Sublime), Etta James and Timothy Leary in the first and 2nd issue.

At a Smokeout Gathering in 2012, Jerk Of All Trades met up with west coast rapper Nipsey Hussle regarding being featured in what was to be our 3rd print issue. He was given a copy of the magazine and was happy to rep Jerk Of All Trades for a couple of photographs in his green room with the full intent of being included in the next issue. Since the summer of 2012, life happened, death happened (respectfully), but as the saying goes… “the Marathon continues.”  RIP Nipsey Hussle. Thank you for your inspiration to artistic motivation.

Rising from the ashes in the Summer of 2019, Jerk Of All Trades is back! Focusing on Music, Entertainment, Photography, Art, Cannabis, and more. And while staying true to the initial concept Jerk Of All Trades now offers an RIP section honoring our dearly beloved as well as being available to readers worldwide at the click of a button.


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Maggie St.Thomas


Maggie St. Thomas


Since 1994, the photographic and journalistic work of Maggie St.Thomas has graced the pages and covers of over 300 print publications, album covers, and centerfolds including Rolling Stone and High Times Magazine. A featured artist on television programs including NBC's The Today Show, KTLA Ch 5 news, and a guest speaker on handfuls of radio outlets and podcasts. CANA Certified Crematory Operator since 2017 and volunteer with Evergreen Hospice and Sunnyside Cemetery.