Maggie St.Thomas

Life Is But a Dream with Bloom Farms

Founded in 2014, Bloom Farms has been helping millions of people find relief, relaxation, creativity, and happiness. Bloom Farms a great company with honest values that are represented by its amazing products and the satisfaction of its customers.

Dream Tincture

Dream Tincture is a 1200 mg bottle (200 mg CBN + 1000 mg CBD) that is gluten-free, kosher-certified, and non- GMO, as mentioned by Bloom Farms. CBD is a chemical that can help with a wide array of ailments including nausea, cancer, depression, PTSD, and muscle / joint pain. Dream Tincture is recommended for evening use and is easy to use, just measure and apply to the underneath of your tongue. Sit back, and relax. It took about 20 minutes to feel the effect of a body and mind calm, but it reacts to everyone differently. Learn more about this product by visiting the link below which takes you directly to Bloom Farms where you can also purchase the bottle which I highly recommend. This Dream tincture worked like a dream and has helped me relax before bedtime, helped alleviate the daily aches and pains in my body, and get a pleasant night’s rest. This product is good for anyone who wants a relaxing sleep without getting high.

CBD Sport Stick

Also sampled from Bloom Farms, a CBD Sport Stick which is a 600 mg roll-on that was used for the joint pain I experience on occasion in my hands. It was smooth and not at all greasy on my skin. I felt it hydrate me with its moisturizing effects that worked their way into my muscles and took away my aches. I was very satisfied as this alleviated the pain from my hands and continues to be a great source of relief. Learn more about this product at the link below.


A Pleasant Surprise

My package included a surprise seed card that I planted and watered with love under the California sun. Such a cool surprise. See the photos below.

Jerk Of All Trades is overall highly satisfied with the products and excellent customer service of Bloom Farms.


Product review and photos by Maggie St.Thomas