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On the Mic with Danny Franc

Photograph of Danny Franc by Joel Romero

I was born in Artesia, California and have spent most of my life living in different parts of Southern California, mainly the Inland Empire.  I am an artist, producer, nurse, and comedian.

The first book my dad ever gave me was Wired, the John Belushi story, as written by Bob Woodward. My dad had a lot of struggles while I was growing up, but he worked hard to overcome them.  Maybe that’s why he gave me that book. He was always super into comedy thou.

I was a lonely kid that would watch late-night television. Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, The Critic, The Hot Seat with Wally George, and more. I loved Wally and his over the top performances that he and his guests made. You never knew if it was real. It was like professional wrestling, and it was always late at night. I’ve always had trouble sleeping. It was like a modern-day melodrama.

Photo by Michael  Schwartz/ Official Ice House Photographer

Laugh In at The Hang Out

When it comes to comedy it has been said that my material is charming, at times irreverent and overall comes from a perspective that is uniquely my own. You can see me perform on the 4th Friday of the month at The Hang Out on 4th Street in Long Beach on Retro Row. a comedy showcase I produce, that features some of the funniest seasoned and up-and-coming comedians from around the US. Most notably, Dean Delray, Brian Scolaro, and Joe Sib.




Danny Franc’s Walks of Life

I strive to make the most solid line ups possible that showcase some of the strongest, fun and most unique acts imaginable always! We’re striving to build one of the best shows to ever have existed.  I have a lot of plans for this and recently was approached by more potential sponsors, so keep your eyes open.  I’m starting a podcast called Danny Franc’s Walks of Life that will be featured on Jerk Of All Trades.

There’s a little section on my website that has a link to a YouTube playlist I made with videos that have entertained or inspired me, called, “Dan-E-Vision,” lots of interviews, stand up, music, and all sorts of stuff to get lost in.

Some friends and I that call ourselves ‘The Comedy Federation’ started the San Dimas Laugh In at High Pointe Brewing Company. Additionally, my friend Paul Antonio Verdugo and I started the Den of Laughter,  a quarterly show at the 4th Wall Comedy Cafe in LA. Also, I’ve recruited the help of my friend Breanna Kelley to help with producing the Long Beach Laugh In. Slowly but surely, we’re all doing our best to help increase the quality of shows throughout California, one production at a time.

I will be back at the Ice House on March 8th, just in time for my birthday on March 15th and at The Hang Out in Long Beach at the Long Beach Laugh In.


Danny Franc