Maggie St.Thomas

Rollin with Snoop Dogg

In 2010 I met up with Master rap artist and avid marijuana supporter Snoop Dogg. After his concert in Santa Ana, CA., Snoop showed me his famous blunt rolling technique which appeared as a cover story and two page spread in High Times Magazine, October 2010. In summary, it goes like this…


First, to Roll a Blunt with Snoop style and grace, you always use a Swisher Sweet.
Then, split the cigar down the middle with your thumbnails and remove all tobacco in cigar. When the tobacco is gone, moisten the wrap with your tongue. To ensure the blunt doesn’t crack, flip it around and continue to moisten the same side of the wrap.
No grinder is necessary, break up all the buds by hand to fill the blunt. Use your thumbs to hold the blunt in place and get that nice tuck. Light up, pass and repeat.
“Smoke Weed Everyday.” -Snoop Dogg

Shortly after my first meeting with Snoop Dogg, I was invited over to his studio for another photo session. He greeted me at the door with a smile, and invited me inside. There was an engineer working on beats, and with a pen and paper in hand, Snoop Dogg was writing lyrics down on a  yellow page of blue lined paper which soon became full of hand-written lyrical content.  After puffing some medicinal inspiration and motivation, the words transcribed on paper  were now being mixed into a song before me as he began rapping to those beats. Snoop told me I helped inspire that recording. I wish I knew what song it was or what it was released for. I left with a hug and allowed him to finish his beats. A 3-page follow up feature which was published in Jerk Of All Trades Issue #2 from this session.

Jerk Of All Trades Magazine Issue #2


Snoop Dogg. Fantasy Springs, Palm Springs, CA. Feb. 2019

Since my first meeting with Snoop, I have seen him live in concert and photographed him performing at a handful of events. Just last year, Snoop Dogg celebrated 25 years of Doggystyle. Produced in 1993 by Dr. Dre with cover artwork by Mr. Joe Cool, Doggystyle sold almost a million copies within its first week of being released which included old school classics like “Gin and Juice,” and “Who Am I.”In his live concert performances Snoop Dogg repeatedly takes us back to the days of old school hip hop while using the microphone as a time machine and murdering the stage with flawless finesse. He struts around like the true Boss Dogg he has proven to be since the early 90’s, smooth and laid back. Snoop Dogg is a master at full-flow and keeps his entire performances ablaze with motion and energy while keeping his party lit.


Article & Photographs by Maggie St.Thomas