In Memory: songs about love lost in bad habits.

The songs that comprise In Memory were written in earnest by The Cordial Sins co-founders, Liz Fisher (vocals, guitar) and Corey Dickerson (lead guitar, vocals), and lovingly bore by long-time bandmates Kyle Edwards (guitar), John Allen (bass) and Mike Ortiz (drums), all during the most haphazardly fleeting form of time: tour.

In those moments on the road—of arresting inspiration, dissembling emotion, and scarce stillness — The Cordial Sins made a grittily fizzing meld of rasping indie rock, melty shoe gaze, and raw emotion, almost combative in its strength.

Though the music of The Cordial Sins is conjured and constructed by highly capable instrumentalists, its intention is not to achieve musical perfection, but rather, to tell the stories of its front woman. Fittingly titled In Memory, the EP follows Liz Fisher through the familiar process of a heart’s shatter and excruciating rebuild. It’s a melodic confrontation with her past that reverberates and resonates into any who have felt the same experience. Throughout, Fisher leans on lyrical mantras to cope, and at times, survive:

As long as it keeps me running

As long as it keeps me whole

“Cruel is a highly personal love song written about how internal demons torment us and the people we try to love. I wrote this while mourning the loss of a relationship that provided me with a lot of personal growth, but only after I was able to move past the immense pain I experienced as a result of it. Despite all of the conflict or resentment I felt long ago, I want to atone for my mistakes and attempt to forgive and find peace.” – Liz Fisher

Sonically, Fisher’s training in classical violin offers evocative context for her intensely rock vocal delivery, a fervent belt that could be compared to Sharon Van Etten or The Cranberries’ Dolores O’ Riordan. Her string arrangements weave the ups and downs of grief with intention, into one enveloping layer of sound.

Just beneath that rippling surface, Corey Dickerson’s impassioned lead guitar drives the whole with force. The self-trained musician grounds the manic fluctuations of Fisher’s sentiment, as well as the audible powers of Edwards, Allen, and Ortiz, steering a beautiful frenzy of vibrations into one unified vision. The sturdily buzzing electricity calls to mind the likes of Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails.

Love, loss, and redemption are not new concepts, but The Cordial Sins’ take on their combined effect is wonderfully rampant and stirringly sincere. Collaboration and honest storytelling sit at the core ofIn Memory, an individual’s examination of life as it is and re-imagination of life as it could be.

In Memory is out October 25 on Chicago-based label, Diversion Records.


Lucky Bird Media /Press Photo by Tiera D. Photo