Going vegan with your beauty regimen isn’t so hard nowadays, I’m here to share a few tips on how you can make the switch. Hi, I’m Eli short for Noeli from The Cruelty-Free Vanity. I run a YouTube channel, Instagram page, and a blog in my spare time. All my platforms are focused on helping people live a vegan, cruelty-free and eco-conscious lifestyle. I’m also a housewife and fur momma of 5 cute rescued fur babies, 3 dogs & 2 bunnies. Through me sharing parts of my life I hope to inspire and show that caring about your wellbeing, the animals and our Mother Earth is fun and possible.


Going Vegan with Make-Up and Skincare

How can I go vegan with my makeup/skincare? Its a question I get often. For starters you gotta remember that we are all on a different journey and we all go about it at our own pace, I always say take it slow and finish what you already have. Switching out one or a couple of products at a time can help you to not feel overwhelmed through the process. Lucky for all of us there are tons of vegan options nowadays! Also, tons of vegan content creators just trying to help you as well, my second advice is to take advantage of social media. Follow a few vegan people, lots of creators offer free guides & tips, free reviews, free advice, etc.


Get familiarized with non-vegan ingredients and or labels. When shopping, reading the labels will help you out a lot. Here are a few non-vegan ingredients to look out for in beauty products. They include carmine, beeswax, lanolin, squalene, gelatin, allantoin, and honey. Some brands have made it easier to spot their vegan products by labeling them with a V or Vegan on the packaging or website.

Affordable Brands offering Vegan Options

But vegan products are more expensive! To this, I always say, not exactly.  Some brands have taken advantage of the term vegan or cruelty-free and bump up their prices, which is unfair. The only time I spend more money on products is when they are natural, but luckily some brands are completely vegan and affordable. Here are some affordable brands that are either 100% vegan or offer vegan options, E.L.F, Pacifica, Milani, Acure, DermaE, Fleur & Bee, Coco Kind and more. You can also reach out to the company and ask them if they offer vegan products, most companies are very helpful and transparent.



Some brands earn extra points in my book by giving back such as Dimension Nails an all-vegan nail polish brand who gives 5% of sales to animal sanctuaries, charities, and shelters. DefineMe fragrance gives back to She’s The First who helps girls in low-income countries graduate from high school. Thrive Causemetics gives to numerous causes that help women veterans, animals, cancer survivors, homeless women, and more. Lastly, The Purrfect Accessory makes animal-inspired jewelry to help raise money for animals in need.



Another great & easy way to find and try new vegan beauty products without the hassle of having to read labels or message companies are vegan beauty subscription boxes. Get 100% vegan products sent to your door at a fraction of the price! This is how I find new amazing vegan products for my platforms. These are some of my favorite all-vegan sub boxes, Petit Vour provides a monthly service that curates the best of luxury vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic beauty. VeganCuts, has several different sub boxes, from makeup, snacks & a mixed beauty box. Love Goodly is a mixed box that features beauty, snacks, and eco-conscious products all in one bi-monthly box.

These are some of my tips on how to find vegan beauty products, and make the process much easier on you and your wallet.






Eli @thecrueltyfreevanity