Vlogging Las Vegas with Chrissy Ports-Tollison

Furthering our exploration of women in the arts, Jerk of All Trades sat down with Anaheim native and YouTube vlogger Chrissy Ports-Tollison. Having recently left Orange County for new adventures in Las Vegas, Chrissy, a wife and mom of two, shares insights into the countless places she visits. When she’s not playing piano by ear she’s discovering places off the beaten path or learning little known facts about well-known places. From the atrium hidden in plain sight at Knott’s Berry Farm to a historical restaurant to the hiking trails outlying greater Las Vegas, Chrissy finds and shares something interesting about all of these locations on her impressively popular YouTube channel.

How long have you been vlogging?

For about 5 years now.

Did you do a written blog or any personal journaling prior to that?


What sparked your interest in vlogging?

I was watching other YouTubers and thought I would start my own channel. It gave me a reason to get out of the house and explore new things.

Do you have a favorite location you’ve vlogged?

Hmmm… I have a few but I love either the historic sites or film location sites.

How much time do you dedicate to an individual vlog post?

Not a lot. I may spend an hour or two doing research on the area and then I just get out there and wing it. I also do all my own editing.

Do you use any special software or equipment?

Nope, I keep it really simple and cheap. I use my phone for a camera and for editing.

How many subscribers do you have?

Currently, I’m at 1,680. Since having moved to Las Vegas a little over a year ago and vlogging that area, my channel has doubled in subscribers and it keeps climbing daily.

What are your most popular videos?

My casino walkarounds, kinda boring but people want to see what they look like inside.

Do you have a vlogging bucket list?

More Las Vegas and off-the-strip cool places for people who either want to move out here or come here to visit.

Share some tips for aspiring YouTubers:

Just have fun and be your goofy self. People like to see casual and down-to-earth vloggers. Keep it real and when your channel grows don’t ever let it get to your head. Always stay humble.

Where can we find you? In real life, probably out geocaching.

Online: https://www.youtube.com/user/LetYrLiteShine





Interview by S. Culver Provencio