Maggie St.Thomas

Bauhaus reunites for a gig at Hollywood Palladium


In August, goth daddy Peter Murphy was rushed to a hospital after suffering a heart attack in New York City. Since then he has reported he is feeling himself again.

Murphy, best known for being the frontman to legendary British post punk/ goth infused band Bauhaus is the creator of songs like “Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ and ‘She’s In Parties’ and later went on to release a handful of solo albums including Holy Smoke.

Murphy who has inspired Neil Gaimans comic book series ‘The Sandman’ has even used the face and image of Murphy to create the original model of Morpheus, and James O’Barr’s comic series the face of Eric from The Crow was heavily influenced by Murphy.

A press release confirms that all four original members — Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, and David J — will take the stage together November 3rd  for a reunion show at LA’s Hollywood Palladium. Tickets for the Hollywood Palladium gig are on sale here starting Friday the 13th at 10 AM PT. No other concerts have been announced at the moment.





Photographs from their 20th Anniversary 1998 Reuinion tour at Hollywood Palladium by Maggie St.Thomas