A Step By Step Tutorial

In addition to recording and promoting fellow artists with bandmate Adam Fuller at A Fuller Sound recording studio in San Pedro, CA., “Flyin” Jay Armant is a phenomenally talented trombone player who performs with Year of The Dragon with Walter “Dirty Walt” Kibby, his Fishbone alumni, and Electric Gremlin who just released a new video “This World is Fuckin Loco.” For this interview, he rolls with Pacific Stone Wedding Cake Indica buds and with the leaf of an XXL blunt wrap, Jay begins our interview with Redman on the speakers,” he’s one of my favorite hip-hop artists, I love his energy” he adds. Here he gives an exclusive step-by-step tutorial on how to roll a blunt, one of Jay’s favorite ways of smoking.


Step 1

With XXL wraps you get two in a pack, but they’re extra-large so you can split them in 1/2, a trick I learned from my Uncle.








Step 2

I use a glass tip for my blunts and typically I use Phuncky Feel tips, but didn’t have any on me due to the quarantine so I just used a reusable off-brand.








Step 3

I always use a grinder to get my buds ready for a  roll.






Step 4

I  get my rolling technique from Dirty Walt, my Fishbone alumni. He sat me down and showed me how to roll. You scoop it up with a card and lay it into the blunt so it’s all even and roll up your blunt nice and tight.  It was a blessing spending all that time on the road playing.






Step 5

Light it up and enjoy!












Interview and Photos by Maggie St.Thomas