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Legendary artist Andre’ Cymone resurrecting the funk at Mint LA

Minnesota Rock ‘n’ Roll legend crashes the Mint, LA

Saturday, December 14 legendary artist Andre’ Cymone brought the funk to The Mint nightclub in Los Angeles. The venue was packed with an audience grooving to the songs with excitement. Their approval could be felt by the fact you could barely move inside, as the sold-out venue whistled and cheered.  Cymone, fully responsible for playing a key part in the contribution to the infamous Minnesota rock’n’roll funkadelic soul sound. The funk was present all night long with an electric feel that was supercharged and contagious. Moving with energy and rhythm from the moment Cymone stepped onstage to surround himself with incredibly talented musicians. Cymone had the Mint lit up with his funk cup overflowing with love and charm. Clad in cheetah print pants, and brown suede shoes, Cymone picks up his black and white guitar

with the words Sexy Beast painted on it. “Feeling good,” he said smoothly, “You ready to get this party on? ” The band went into “We All Need Somethin,” followed by “Naked.”

The energy that delivered by this artist is authentic, contagious, and addicting while he commands the center stage like a true rock’n’roll professional. Cymone is not only the former bass guitarist of Prince’s touring band pre-Revolution, but he and the late artist grew up together. This man is all about respect and love, it gets no groovier than Andre’ Cymone. 

New Material for tonight’s audience

“I just want to let you know that I’m doing some songs that you’re the first ones to hear. This is called ‘The Resurrection’ and it’s the name of my new album The Resurrection of Funk, so let’s get into it.” Then began one of the deepest basslines delivered that vibrated the Mint from the inside out.

Giving a shout out to his late childhood friend, “This artist, I have to say, created some of the most amazing stuff I ever heard, and I want to play one of his songs if that’s okay with you.  I want to bring a special guest up to sing this with me, it’s Jill Jones,” Cymone shared into the microphone enthusiastically. The singer/ songwriter walked across the stage to join the other two female backup singers and began the recognizable “Always In My Hair,” a 1985 release which was the B-Side to Raspberry Beret.

Closing the Show

“I just want to say it’s a beautiful world we live in, beautiful people, I mean, you know, we should be celebrating all the time. It’s all about the party, it’s about us,” Cymone stated on the microphone and he closed the show with ‘Our World Is On Fire.’

Before leaving the stage Cymone wished everybody Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year 2020.



The Mint setlist 12/14/19

We All Need Somethin’


The Resurrection

Rock Star

Always in my Hair

Love Revolution

Party High

Electric City

Last Call

Sex Love Experience

Our World Is On Fire

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Article and Photographs by Maggie St.Thomas