Wednesday Aja

Peaceful Protest In San Clemente

Peaceful protesters gathered at the San Clemente Pier on May 31, 2020. Outraged by the murder of George Floyd, an innocent black man who was suffocated slowly by a Minnesota cop, protests have been organized all around the nation. OCSD estimated a crowd between 400-500 in attendance. The protest remained positive, and no arrests were reported.


Wednesday Aja is known for documenting modern-day subcultures… and things that go bump (and grind!) in the night. Exploring themes of custom, costume, and community; her images invite the viewer into an inverted Land of Oz, one where the imagination ignites in black and white, in the space between light and shadow.

Most recently, Wednesday was the Featured Artist at the iconic Hotel Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles. This 3-month residency featured 32 photographs from ongoing projects centering on the gender, identity, and gravity-defying subcultures of Drag, Burlesque, and Circus. All three subjects hang together as explorations of the self’s relationship to masque, costume, and unbridled expressions of personhood. // IG: @wednesdayaja