Maggie St.Thomas

LA Peace Walk in honor of George Floyd

Saturday was supposed to be a peaceful day of protest with close to 10,000 gathered at Pan Pacific Park in downtown Los Angeles. Black Lives Matter was present among other concerned groups and individuals. The day’s events shifted the spotlight from the global pandemic to protests from the outrage of the murder of George Floyd, a black man who was suffocated slowly by a Minnesota police officer. Floyd, who was suspected of forgery was murdered while the officer of the law responsible for his death was a free man for 4 days. Peaceful protestors collectively feel the police aren’t being held accountable for their prejudiced actions. They want to know how long they must stay peaceful and stand by and allow it as they find it unacceptable and feel that enough is enough. Shortly after these photographs were taken, the peaceful protest took a turn for the worse by opportunists who took advantage by burning down stores, leaving graffiti and looting. Peaceful protestors insist that these violent criminals do not represent their collective voice and suspect staged violence by paid protestors. While protests continue, Jerk of All Trades will continue to provide coverage and hope the events maintain focus and stay peaceful. 



Photographs by Maggie St.Thomas