Atomic Basement Comics Grand Opening in Downtown Long Beach


Mayor Robert Garcia and Mike Wellman inside Atomic Basement Comics January 18, 2020

Atomic Basement Comics and Creators Lab… it’s the place! When you’re looking for comics, it’s all here!

Located in the heart of downtown Long Beach, in the East Village Arts District, they offer a fantastic selection of comics and novels.  
On Saturday, January 18, the Honorable Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia celebrated with owners Mike Wellman and Tony Davies, at the opening, of a jam-packed event with many lovers of comic books, and a variety of superheroes.
Wonder Woman and Mayor Robert Garcia cut the rope at the Grand Opening of Atomic Basement Comics January 18, 2020

Everybody was warmly welcomed inside by Wonder Woman herself, who had the honors of cutting the opening day store ribbon. Once inside, a true treasure trove of merchandise awaits the patrons, and all are very generously displayed. What caught my eye was a Save the Galaxy from the Death Star on a vintage replica Star Wars Arcade Machine, that along with a massive inventory of comics, and more comics, makes this a worthy venue for even the most advanced comic connoisseur.

What’s more on this special opening day was some complimentary cuisine, including vegetarian lasagna which I enjoyed a plate of. These tasty dishes were provided by Modica’s Deli, of Long Beach.
In true fashion, this shop has enough material to occupy the mind with a bunch of very neat nearby stores to visit within this welcoming community.
In addition to selling comic books, this radioactive duo hosts an after-hours Creators Lab open from 7-10 pm on Wednesdays for those ready to make those creative dreams a reality. Or just stop on by to discuss, network, collaborate and enjoy the creative process with other like-minded artists.
It gets even better! Atomic Basement Comics is currently collaborating with Long Beach Comic Con to publish one Creator’s book per year! Mark your calendars for this September 5th & 6th, 2020 for Atomic Basement Comics at the Long Beach Comic-Con
Atomic Basement Comics, everyone’s new go-to place for the best in comics!








“This is a lot of fun, it’s rock and roll!” Mike Wellman, owner of Atomic Basement Comics



Dan Connor at Atomic Basement Comics Grand Opening January 18, 2020

Dan Connor 

“Hi, My names Dan. I’m a cartoonist from Denver Colorado and I travel all over the country. I try to get into a different place every weekend. I work on the Nightmare Before Christmas comics and I also do various covers for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the next one will come out next month. I did the front and back cover where she’s wearing a punk rock jacket with patches, one is styled after The Ramones, that’s one of the patches she’s wearing, then for the corner box I wanted to have her pose, so I looked at a promotional image of PJ Soles when she took a photo with the Ramones from Rock ‘N’ Roll High School, leaning up against the wall so that was the pose I used. I got to color a cover of Archie meets The Ramones drawn by John Holmstrom. So many connections between old school punk rock and comics. 

IG: crazygoodconner/ FB:danconnercomics


Christie Shinn at Atomic Basement Comics Grand Opening January 18, 2020

Christie Shinn

This is about a low level from the 13th bit of hell where people throw their dog shit and gum wrappers, and she wants to bring the 2nd coming of armageddon but the first one never happened because she’s stupid. This comic is based on girls I fucking couldn’t stand and who are cunts.

I’m running a Kickstarter right now to get the 3rd book published, it ends on the 20th of February, and I also have a website. The book is all done, I just need a publisher. /IG: DemonBitchOfficial/ Twitter: @IAMDEMONBITCH









David Moreno at Atomic Basement Comics Grand Opening January 18, 2020

David Moreno

The Sapphire Directive is a surreal comic book that follows PI Maya Torres down the streets of LA, she eventually leads down the rabbit hole of a cult she’s trying to break. It’s about the Murder of one of her best friends. Issue 3 should be done by March. It will be here at Atomic Basement Comics.







Mason Arrigo and Philip C. Barragan II at Atomic Basement Comics Grand Opening January 18, 2020

Mason Arrigo and Philip C. Barragan II

Fatizen is a Dystopian story placed 60 years in the future when the diet industry is turned into the most powerful branch of the federal government. Obesity is outlawed fat people are put in concentration camps that they can never leave. One plus-size woman stands up with her family, fights the system and starts a revolution.

Blanc Noir is a female detective story staring Marabou Mule, the shoe with the feathers on top that 1940’s actresses wore. She was a bad kid, became a stripper, put herself through school and started a new Private Eye agency. She’s totally fearless and very sarcastic.
The comics are available here at Atomic Basement Comics, at Made in LB, Gatsby Books, Amazon,  Comixology, and Embonpoint Publishing.


Mason Arrigo opens the pages of Blanc Noir  at the Grand Opening of Atomic Basement Comics, Saturday, January 18, 2020
Mason Arrigo opens the pages of Blanc Noir  at the Grand Opening of Atomic Basement Comics, Saturday, January 18, 2020














Article and Photographs by Maggie St.Thomas