Dark Side of the Dome – Think: EXP


On Friday, November 8th Think: EXP’s live immersive concert Dark Side of The Dome was held once again at the Wisdome in downtown LA’s Art District and is truly a Pink Floyd tribute like no other.  This unforgettable musical composition has been performed from November 2018 through November 2019 with nearly 30 performances, always with an all-star line up featuring members of Pink Floyd, Jane’s Addiction, Kid Rock, and Fishbone.

While showcasing the astounding artwork of Android Jones with VR Interactive Gaming experience, and once again completely sold out.

Featuring saxophone artist Scott Page and Roberta Freeman on vocals (both of whom toured with Pink Floyd), Yolanda Thomas, and Melanie Taylor (Barry Manilow), Kenny Olson (Kid Rock) on guitar, Eric Mayron on keys (Dr.Dre , Michael Jackson ), Stephen Perkins on drums (Janes Addiction),  Norwood Fisher (Fishbone) and Derek Day whose impressive vocal range can reach high octaves like Jeff or Tim Buckley could while slaying the guitar with attitude not heard since the legendary days of Link Wray and Jimmy Ovadia painting masterfully to the music.

“We don’t rehearse this stuff much, we just go for it, we have fun and it’s a blast,” saxophone artist Scott Page and mastermind behind Think: EXP says into the microphone between songs.

The show ended with ”Comfortably Numb” and then a birthday cake for Kenny Olson with a soothing psychedelic rendition of Happy Birthday on the saxophone by Scott Page himself, which ended properly with Kenny Olson making a wish and blowing out the candles. 

“This is so much fun to play here, such a great vibe. Thank you all! We will be back!”

Let’s give it up for Think: EXP’s Dark Side of The Dome!


Jerk Of All Trades met up with Eric Mayron, Roberta Freeman, and Derek Day after the concert, just before indulging in a slice of Kenny’s decadent chocolate birthday cake afterward. 

Eric Mayron 

Tell me about tonight

Eric Mayron Tonight was interesting, tonight we really hit a zone, it was something really beautiful, and last night too. We were all super cognizant of each other, watching each other, playing with each other, even when you know the counts, even when everyone knows when the next step is going to happen, eyes on each other is magic and it gives you a feeling, that’s what unifies the sound and gets the vibe out into the audience that’s when the people who come to see us really feel something, and tonight I think especially was one of those nights. The vibe is good.

 Every show is different

EM- I’m very thankful for that. New visuals tonight, and the new stuff is working. 




Roberta Freeman        

Tell me about how you got involved with Think: EXP

Roberta Freeman- Scott approached me last year about doing this gig since I worked with him back in the day with Pink Floyd. We kept in contact over the years and this was the perfect opportunity to work together again on a regular basis.

Tell me about the women you sang with on Friday night.  

RF- The ladies that performed with me on Friday night were Yolanda Thomas and the wonderful Melanie Taylor. Great pipes on these women! 

Derek Day 

Highlight of Friday’s show?

Derek Day- Personal highlight for me was the surprise celebrating Kenny’s birthday.  It shocked a lot of people on stage and it was really cool to be there to celebrate that with him. That was the 2nd time ever we did Dark Side of the Moon on the record, we usually mash it up so that was a highlight as well.

What can you tell us about Think: EXP

DD- I think it’s going to expand. We’re doing a lot of shows, we just played Killer Yacht Club and beginning mid-December we’ll be back at Wisdome.


Scott Page

What made Friday nights show so special?

Scott Page- The sound was amazing, it was such an incredible night and the place was jammed!

What can you share with the readers of Jerk Of All Trades about the future of Think:EXP?

SP- Think: EXP is an immersive entertainment company, this whole show was a test run and we’re planning on launching a new show March of 2020, and doing some fun gigs in between. We’re developing a whole new show and working with one of the top Cirque de Solei directors.

Any more performances at Killer Yacht Club?

Saturday was the first time we played there and it sounded really good, and we had a great time. It’s a wonderful place to play, very intimate almost like we’re performing in someone’s front room. We’re doing a residency there to break in new material.  We’ll be back at the dome December 13th & 14th, and then the 15th at Killer Yacht Club.




Article and photographs by Maggie St.Thomas