What better way to close out the Witching Season than by raising the dead? I’m talking, of course, about the Johnny Monster and the Nightmares reunion tour. 2 glorious nights, 30 years in the making.

The Halloween show at Gallagher’s pub in Huntington Beach packed the house (and the stage) with 7 musicians and 2 go-go dancers. Oh my!

Billed as “absolutely the last chance to see the original Johnny Monster and the Nightmares LIVE!” Shane Anderson (bass), Tommy Denigan (trumpet), John Grubie (saxophone), John Fields (guitar), Sean Spencer (drummer), and Dave Paskowitz as Johnny Monster.

They returned home to San Clemente for a Surf-Horror-Rock & Roll dinner show at Adele’s with special guests Los MysteriososNo stage diving or crowd surfing, but I did spy one super-fan jump up on a table and Hang 10 in the corner booth.

Article and Photographs by Wednesday Aja

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