Sick Of It All crashed the stage of The Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles the last night of their tour. Formed in Queens, NY in 1986, this crisp quartet of old school energy hit the road with Napalm Death and Municipal Waste. Kicking off their set with “Injustice System,” they blasted full throttle into a dozen and a 1/2 hardcore classics including “Clobberin Time”, “Take The Night Off”, “Scratch The Surface”, and “Step Down.”

I first became familiar with Sick of It All and their hardcore punk rock spirit back in ’97 in Detroit, MI when they played the Vans Warped Tour. They were so fast and loud and full of angst. Hanging out with them backstage I learned they were cool down to earth guys. Lou Koller sings and Pete Koller is on the guitar, they’re brothers with Armand Majidi on drums, and Craig Setari on bass.

“You wanna hear that real old school shit? ” Lou screamed into the microphone, “then let’s get down! Nobody cries while the innocent die and the guilty go free in this world!” Fists were pumped high up in the air while the audience and the singer belted out the lyrics to”Full Of Hate.”

Lou Koller jumped microphone first into the mosh pit creating a furious human vortex.  

Sick Of It All brought the energy that night, and the crowd matched it. Packing everyone in and delivering the sounds and the loud, rebellious, adrenaline all their own. Lou thanked everyone for coming out, and at the end of their set, he and Pete stuck around giving out handshakes and guitar picks, the setlist made it into the hands of a very grateful fan who said he’s been listening to Sick Of It All since he was six years old. 







I met up with Sick Of It All backstage to snag an interview…

This is the last night of your tour, and then what?

Lou Koller- We have 8 days at home and then we go out to Europe. We’re taking Comeback Kid and Cancer Bats.

How long will you be out there for?

LK- Three weeks. We come home after that and have 2 weeks off. We do 5 shows in NYC, one in each burrow. We did it a couple years ago and it was amazing, just like the old days, and it’s all hot and sweaty.

What was the highlight of this tour?

LK- The show in Austin was amazing, it had another tour with Revocation and Voivod. The diversity of the bands was so good and the crowd went nuts for every single band no matter if it was heavy stuff with Revocation or the sonic weirdness of Voivoid or Sick Of It All. We went on right after those bands and the place just went crazy, that’s what I like. Some nights it didn’t work some nights there were people there just to see Municipal Waste or some people were just there to see Napalm Death, but we got to play in front of those people and win them over, that was the best part winning the people over. 

Words well spoken by Lou Koller. 

























Sick of It All setlist 10/24

Injustice System

Clobberin Time

Inner Vision 

Take The Night Off

World Full Of Hate

Self Important Shithead

My Life

Uprising Nation


Black Venom


Good Looking Out

Step Down



Scratch The Surface 



Article and Photographs: Maggie St.Thomas