Kenny Olson onstage with Think: EXP at Wisdome LA January 31, 2020

Think:EXP is a Pink Floyd tribute like none other. Held at the Wisdome in downtown LA’s Art District, Think: EXP has been putting on an immersive live concert experience with an unforgettable musical composition since November 2018. On Friday, January 31, 2020, this all-star line up included Scott Page on saxophone and Roberta Freeman on vocals (both of whom toured with Pink Floyd), Kenny Olson on guitar, Stephen Perkins on drums, Eric Mayron on keys with William Christopher Champlin on keys and vocals, Tony Franklin on bass, Carol Hatchett on backing vocals and Paul Samarin on guitar and vocals.
Expert musicians and technicians work together blending music and laser light visuals that are absolutely brilliant and surreal, with a live paint show that is out of this world by artist Jimmy Ovadia. This epic onslaught to the senses is designed to take its viewers and listeners all far out.
Think: EXP’s performance is highly recommended for all lovers of Pink Floyd and great music in general. Catch them at Wisdome LA.





















































Jimmy Ovadia painting during Think:EXP live concert January 31, 2020, at Wisdome LA




Setlist from Think: EXP January 31, 2020


On the Run


Great Gig


Us and Them

Any Colour you Like

Brain Damage









Article and Photographs by Maggie St.Thomas