THROW money at this dirty bitch because we ain’t saying please

Who is Christie Shinn?

Photo of Christie Shinn outside Atomic Basement Comics by Stephanie Grant

I am an illustrator/comic book artist that lives in Los Angeles. I moved here from NorCal in this huge-assed roundabout journey, then wound up in LA. I think the true test of the character in any big city is how you survive the a$$holes without murdering anybody and becoming a better person in the long run. I started out writing pissed-off books that I thought were funny, of which they were, and they ended up being deep as f*ck to some people. I found that interesting as our society tells us angry should only look a certain way, rather than admitting to themselves that, “I hate a bitch and I hope that person gets fucked up.” Then while they go through their hate pile and some shit and be in an easier space to actually forgive someone and let it go. It enables them to laugh like fuck at horrible things that people do, and yet find the sanity to not turn that rage inward or projecting unto others – to even fucking up their world viewpoint. I love to draw and have been at it since I was little, and now I get to call it my job. I’m a pretty happy potato about this.






A horrible graphic novel with recipes in it ‘Like Water for Chocolate’ but only if Laura Esquivel hated food and people. Horrific.

Tell me about the Kickstarter you have and what it’s for. 

The Kickstarter is for the printing of the third installment in the Demon Bitch series, “Alcoholics and Anonymouses (BOTH USED AND VIRGIN)”. This is like ‘Water for Chocolate’ where you had great recipes and chapters to a timeless love story. This book is absolute shit. It contains horrible recipes that are carefully crafted by Tony Tilton (who obsessively sent me recipes last Kickstarter) and more of the Demon Bitch comic that is also on WEBTOON. Of course, the more money I get, the more stuff I can manufacture and create as this is my job.

The link to Christie Shinn’s Kickstarter click here

How can People get involved

They can share it in their own Kickstarters and audience. That way, their microcosm meets mine. Talk to people about it. Also, obviously pledge as I’ve got many tiers to choose from: $1-$500. Remember: Kickstarter does NOT take out the funds immediately, only save by the 20th of February and WHEN it funds. I figure if I love writing the thing because everyone looks through so many of these as well as I do, I don’t want to be fucking bored. So, I wrote a Kickstarter that made me laugh. If I laughed, chances are you will be fucking entertained.

Whats Demon Bitch got goin on…
At this moment, I have TwitchLA on 2/8 at the Hungarian Cultural Alliance in Los Angeles. Also, Tony will be pouring beer there!, SheroCon on 3/7 at the Westfield Culver City Mall aka Fox Hills Mall, WonderCon E-54 in Artist’s Alley in April, and San Diego Comic Con in July at Small Press N-05.
If you want to keep up with my appearances, you can go on my website and check under ‘Appearances’.
Facebook Live is on my Facebook: christie.shinn
IG, TWITTER, TIKTOK: @HoraToraStudios
Twitter: @IAmDemonBitch
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