Jeffrey Ross Hyman aka Joey Ramone

(May 19, 1951- April 15, 2001)


On April 15, 2001, the world lost Joey Ramone. It was the worst day ever, I will never forget it. I was fortunate to see the Ramones live a handful of times and photograph their performance in ’95 as well, another date I will never forget with much happier memories! When I got the news that our beloved Joey had passed, I flew to NYC to attend and cover his bittersweet 50th birthday bash at the Hammerstein Ballroom where Debbie Harry sang, Cheap Trick and The Damned performed, and I met Mickey Leigh and Charlotte Lescher for the first time. Let’s not forget that “Jeffrey Hyman died so that Joey Ramone could live on!” So what’s living inside your speakers? Keep him alive! “1-2-3-4!”

Over 3,600 hard-core fans from all over the world gatheredĀ  May 19, 2001, 2-page feature write up and photograph review published in Skratch Magazine

Joey’s 50th Birthday Bash, published in Skratch Magazine 2001

Joey’s 50th Birthday Bash, published in Skratch Magazine 2001















Published in Sonic Iguana Magazine Issue 2001 #6

AMP Records, Life’s A Gas- A Tribute To Joey Ramone

Published in Jerk Of All Trades Issue #1 2011


Maggie St.Thomas and Joey Ramone stand outside Tower Records on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, 1997


Photographs by Maggie St.Thomas