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Like a Brilliant Diamond Scott Page shines

When it comes to photography, not just anyone can have their soul shine forth with the brilliance of Scott Page.  A bonafide professional with a myriad of credits that include  Pink FloydSupertramp, and Toto, just to name a few. While exemplifying the finest in talent and stage presence, Page’s studio musicianship remains in high demand.  CEO of Think: EXP, an immersive entertainment company that has blended the culture and creativity of music and art in one taking over the Wisdome in the downtown Los Angeles arts district since Nov 2018, with live performance art as impressive to see as it is to hear.
During the pandemic we all sat inside our homes with everything on lockdown, like every human craving a deeper connection through the communication, it was Scott who was the one who had the insight. Scott’s talents drive from a lineage of innovation, as his father was instrumental in the development of the groundbreaking sound of; the wah-wah pedal!
In addition to topics such as the illusions of time, the evils of the media, and selling art today, Scott offers his thoughts on our current pandemic and using technology as a platform. A most intimate and beloved moment shared was with his mother and being grateful for the only thing that matters in life, the now.

“I always say I’m the luckiest man alive, and I’m alive to talk about it. ” – Scott Page












An Illusion of Time

The biggest problem we have is time. Time is what causes all our suffering. There’s only now, there’s only one moment in life. Time is a total illusion, two minutes from now is an illusion, the only thing that’s real is what we’re doing right now. The only thing that matters is what’s happening at this very moment and the steps we’re taking. Resisting anything is futile, it’s already happened. The worlds shifted, I’m going to shift too. Go with the flow.  

All the problems we are having right now are because of the human condition. This entitlement thing is crazy. We’re not entitled to anything. We’re just here, lucky to be part of this whole consciousness, whatever this is that’s unfolding, whatever you want to call it, the source.

Thoughts on the Pandemic

My fear is not this virus, it’s what’s going to happen to this country, people losing their entire businesses, their life savings, what’s going to happen to them mentally? I’m about freedom, it’s just crazy when people sit there and complain about the government saying how corrupt the government is, and now you’re going to tell me that same government is going to solve your problems? As a country, we need to be better. 

Your take on using technology as a platform

As an artist, I think the most important thing is to be close to the market, understand where it’s going, and not try to hang on to the old school. Technology is shifting and changing the whole industry every 90 days. You’re going to see innovation now, like crazy because there’s a bunch of problems that have to be solved. 

How do you sell art today?

Well, first of all, you can’t sell music anymore that’s a dead-end street, music is now a part of the experience, only the piece of it, so it’s combining music and using that as a hook, that’s why I’m focused on experienced-based entertainment. Even if I can’t do it totally live I can now bring experiences to people and create some new things.      

Trying to understand the unknown

I’m pretty optimistic. People put too much fear into death, death is one of those things that’s part of life. I don’t believe you die. Your body goes away but you don’t die. It’s impossible. So if you don’t believe you die you don’t have to worry about dying too much. 

Where do we go?

I took a heavy spiritual path a long time ago, my #1 favorite subject on the planet, consciousness. Through all the meditations, all the things I’ve been going through looking though that inward journey, I woke up one day, rubbed my eyes, it was April 9 at 10:12 2011, I went wow 50 something years went by, I blinked, where did it go? Ahhh, time IS an illusion! I looked in the mirror and the only thing that hasn’t changed is that voice in my head. Who am I? Am I two people? At that moment I realized you can’t die cause you’re not the thinker, you’re the watcher, and the watcher is different. I don’t have any fear of death anymore. To be honest, I’m kind of interested in it. It’s gonna be a trippy journey. Where do you go, what happens, right? It’s such an interesting topic. It’s the only one that matters. You’re here for one reason, to help consciousness unfold. All this other stuff is mind noise. All we have to do is take care of ourselves and the people around us.

Evils of The Media

The press is evil. What they’re doing to our country right now shows the insanity of the human ego. It’s disgusting. This is a country built around fear, the media, and the news is all about fear control. 

What have you been up to lately?

I’ve been practicing like crazy, studying, and in major learning mode. I’ve been pounding scales, learning to play bebop, jazz. 

Also, looking at new business models for Think:EXP, spending time on the phone with leaders, people that I know in the technology industry, getting their take on what they feel is going to happen, and how we’re going to take advantage of this chaos, because inside chaos is where innovation comes, and that’s where you can rise above the noise. 

Here’s the deal, everything that happens to you happens for you. All suffering is about waking you up, the goal is to get to a point where you don’t suffer anymore. That’s the gift that comes out of all this suffering, you start to wake up, and surrender to what is, to stop the suffering. Every situation is all about how you react. Take a look at yourself and figure out how to deal in a way that isn’t so much suffering and taking you over. 

What is your most beloved experience?

Holding my mother when she died in my arms was one of the greatest gifts I ever got in my entire life. The moment was unbelievable, so sad and so beautiful at the same time. You’ve got to look at it differently, change your point of view. 

The power of thought

I used to record every gig I played at on my cassette machine. I’d capture the performance, get in the car, throw it in a cassette player, and listen back in the car on my drive home from the gig and critique myself. I can remember a handful of times where I played like I never played before. At the time I couldn’t understand where that came from, how that happened, and how I did that. As I started getting more into the spiritual path and meditating I realized when I stopped thinking, I stopped thought. You get into the zone, the place where thought drops, thought goes away and all of a sudden you’re just playing, so when you finally start to wake up and thought drops you start to see reality for the first time because thought is what causes all the confusion. 

Besides touring with Pink Floyd, selling out tickets to shows around the world, and having an international fan base, what is the greatest thing you’ve ever done?

I can finally stop thinking on demand. As soon as thought drops everything starts to happen. The spiritual journey has been the most important part of my playing. The reason I love playing live, it brings me closer to God, or consciousness, or the source. I hate using the word God because once you’ve used that word you’ve missed it. There is no label, you can’t label it.

A Walk in Time

I grew up in a musical family, on the Lawrence Welk and Johnny Carson show. My father (Bill Page) was a musician and did a lot of television back in the day. He started the first amplified instruments, and he was one of the inventors of the wah-wah pedal. I’ll never forget hearing the wah-wah pedal for the first time when my dad brought the pedal home to the house, I was 15 years old. He did the very first recording with it, playing the wah-wah pedal through a bassoon, not a guitar or any other instrument. I used to own the original wah-wah pedal and I lost it. I can’t believe it. 

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